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Register to participate in the 2018 Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Québec City!

Summary of rules and pricing

You will receive a complete list of rules by email. You will have to accept them by clicking on the link at the bottom of the message.
  • The manager is always responsible for his group.
  • No registration fees will be refunded.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs is prohibited.
  • No animal without the consent of the Organizing Committee.
  • No solicitation or distribution of unapproved material.
  • The organizing committee must pre-approve the content of your participation.
  • You must be ready to spend a wonderful day…
Pricing for Non-profit Organization (NPO) * and Individuals
  • Group of 1 to 12 people = $60
  • Group of 13 to 24 people = $120
  • Group of 25 or more = $175

* Not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) must be registered in the Quebec or Canada Business Register

Envoyez votre paiement à:
C.P. 70026
succ. CSP St-Jean-Baptiste
Québec, Québec
G1R 6B1

Registration form