From March 22 to 24, Quebec goes green!

On March 23 and 24, Grande Allée is Irish!

Buoyed by the strength of the crowd in 2017 for the Défilé de la Saint-Patrick parade on Grande Allée, Action promotion Grande Allée is really pleased and excited to renew our participation in this outstanding event in 2018. This will primarily be through the participation of the Irish rock band, the Dublin 5, and an outdoor show by JoshUa2 that pays homage to U2, as well as our vibrant terraces and activities for children.

Montcalm celebrates St. Patrick's Day!

As a partner in La Saint-Patrick à Québec, the Quartier des arts de Montcalm (Arts District) will stretch the celebration from March 22 to 24. The district will be decked out in Ireland’s colors.

Local businesses will be offering products and taste experiences to complement the parade which will pass up avenue Cartier and along Grande Allée in the afternoon of March 24.

A virtual rally will be held from 4 pm to 11 pm on Friday, March 23. Participants are invited to play by visiting these four bars on avenue Cartier: the Bar Jules et Jim, the Rideau rouge, and the Blaxton and the Galway pubs. Clues will be revealed throughout the evening on the Facebook page of the Jules et Jim.

Starting March 16, the Blaxton is kicking off the festivities, with specials on green beer and three Irish music groups. The Galway too, is hosting musicians for the occasion and will offer a traditional breakfast buffet from 9 am on the day of the parade. The Rideau rouge and the Bar Jules et Jim, will feature musical entertainment with Celtic overtones.

If you are not exactly into beer, rest assured there will be something for everyone! From March 22 to 24 the Bügel will be making mint-chocolate bagels, and the Sebz tea room is offering to serve you “a glass of ‘good’ green after the beer”, a Kabusecha and Usucha matcha tea. And if you prefer coffee, the Castelo cafe will be serving “Patrick’s favorite coffees”, as well as hot chocolate for the whole family.

During the same period, the Cochon Dingue is cooking Irish stew and serving it with an Irish beer, all for an affordable price. Morena is organizing their hot choco event where cups of their delicious hot chocolate are 2 for the price of 1, if you mention this notice! For those with a sweet tooth, Buffet Maison Cartier has cakes, cupcakes, cakepops and verrines with Irish flavors on offer.  For lovers of healthy food, the Freshii restaurant has prepared a green lunch box.

It wouldn’t be Saint Patrick’s Day without music and the Montcalm district won’t be let you down. To warm up the crowd and get them excited and in the mood on March 24, Folk You, Quebec City’s very own Irish folk group, will play ahead of and after the parade.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!

Le Vieux-Québec celebrates Saint Patrick

This year, the SDC du Vieux-Québec is proud to be taking part in the festivities surrounding the 2018 Défilé de la Saint-Patrick (St. Patrick’s Day parade).

To set the mood and entertain the public before the parade, we have planned animations and surprises with the team from Maqui-art.

The magnificent Sica will put some magic into rue St. Louis by walking on her tall stilts and showing off her talents as a circus artist.

Two face painting artists, dressed in the colors of the festivities, will decorate faces with a pretty stenciled clover leaf.

Mr. Brandoff will also be there. He’s a comic character of Irish background who shares his preposterous stories, legends, jokes and riddles with the crowd.

In collaboration with some area merchants, our volunteers will offer snacks and treats before the parade. The coffee squad from the Maison Smith cafe will be out offering coffees and delicacies near the city hall.

The team from SDC Vieux-Québec can’t wait to welcome you inside the walls!

Mission and objectives of the SDC Vieux-Québec

  • Bring together its members to form a united and strong business community
  • Work on sharing ideas, bringing common issues forward, finding solutions
  • Ensure enhancement and promotion of the district
  • Contribute to the creation of a living and working environment by encouraging a social and cultural life that will attract traffic to the commercial district
  • Offer promotional and organizational support to the various district activities
  • Promote attractions, businesses, services and events that highlight the distinctiveness of the commercial district of Vieux-Quebec, and that also reflect its heritage and historical component.

The SDC du Vieux-Québec comprises around 230 business locations (retailers, restaurants, accommodation, business offices, museums and more), all with their place of business in the historic district. Our organization provides various services to members, including coordination of activities and events. The SDC  is working with many partners to ensure that Vieux-Québec (the Old City) is a vibrant and attractive destination for all those who live, work, eat out in, and visit its commercial streets.