From March 21 to 24, Quebec goes green!

Ireland's atmosphere in Montcalm!

The SDC du Quartier Montcalm is proud to once again be joining this year’s Saint-Patrick’s Day celebrations in Quebec City. For the occasion, a program of activities comprising services and demonstrations with an Irish flavour has been created to celebrate this event. Area businesses will also be offering certain products and experiences.

The mission of the Société Développement Commercial du Quartier Montcalm is to develop strategies to guarantee the commercial vitality of its neighborhood. Funded by its members, the SDC promotes the recognition and reputation of the commercial sector while creating an environment conducive to the prosperity and long-term survival of its members. It sets itself apart with a brand image around the designation “Quartier des arts”. This is embodied in the cultural spaces found there, the street furniture set up in the district, in public events and the promotions that the SDC orchestrates.

Le Vieux-Québec celebrates Saint Patrick!

The SDC du Vieux-Québec will be taking part in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Quebec City with a very full programme. Public entertainers, musical and dance performances, as well as the distribution of products by the local businesses, form part of the celebrations.

Mission and objectives of the SDC Vieux-Québec

  • Bring together its members to form a united and strong business community
  • Work on sharing ideas, bringing common issues forward, finding solutions
  • Ensure enhancement and promotion of the district
  • Contribute to the creation of a living and working environment by encouraging a social and cultural life that will attract traffic to the commercial district
  • Offer promotional and organizational support to the various district activities
  • Promote attractions, businesses, services and events that highlight the distinctiveness of the commercial district of Vieux-Quebec, and that also reflect its heritage and historical component.

The SDC du Vieux-Québec comprises around 230 business locations (retailers, restaurants, accommodation, business offices, museums and more), all with their place of business in the historic district. Our organization provides various services to members, including coordination of activities and events. The SDC  is working with many partners to ensure that Vieux-Québec (the Old City) is a vibrant and attractive destination for all those who live, work, eat out in, and visit its commercial streets.

On March 23, Grande Allée is Irish!

Action promotion Grande Allée joins the celebrations again this year with a program concentrated in the afternoon of March 23. There will be mood music, balloons and strolling makeup artists.

The Faubourg Saint-Jean participates in St. Patrick's Day!

This year for the first time, the Faubourg Saint-Jean (Saint Jean Baptiste district) is joining in Quebec City’s Saint-Patrick’s Day celebrations. They propose an outdoor movie night at Passage Olympia for the occasion.