St. Patrick’s in Quebec
Quebec goes green!

The St. Patrick's Day parade

Québec City goes green!

The Irish community has had deep roots in the national capital region since the 19th century. For this reason, the City of Quebec is especially proud to be connected with Quebec city’s St. Patrick’s Day and the 10th presentation of its annual parade.

All those of Irish descent, and all those who are Irish at heart, are invited to this important popular celebration.

From March 21 to 24, Québec City goes green!

Quebec and the Irish

For centuries, Quebeckers and Irish have had strong ties dating back to the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Irish immigrants in Québec City in the early and mid-nineteenth century, especially during the tragic Great Famine in Ireland Between 1845 and 1851.

St. Patrick's Day in Québec City


Irish Protestants from the Quebec garrison hold the first recorded celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day (March 17).


First festivities organized by a group of Catholics.


St. Patrick’s Society is formed to plan and implement all future celebrations of March 17.


First St. Patrick’s Day Parade held through the streets of the city. The event takes place annually until 1916.


Resumption of the St. Patrick’s Day parades up until 1926.

1926 - 1960

It is said that on St. Patrick’s Day during these years, the cadets from St. Patrick’s School, together with their brassband, marched from their school to the church on McMahon Street, and sometimes even to the City Hall.


Peter Farrell, an Irishman residing in Québec City, resolves with some friends to revive the St. Patrick’s Day parades. It is an idea that the population embraces.


First edition of the new St. Patrick’s Day’s parade, following an 84 year absence.Thanks to the 400 participants, the event is a great success.


The parade project expands into weekend-long festivities with an expanded program that includes the participation of Festibière de Québec (beer fest) and the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs of Grand Allée. Let’s all join in and celebrate the enduring influence of the Irish on Québec City!

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